The Broken Road

Xanadu's Journal

Today I had my first real adventure with new companions, and I’m not sure how to describe it. Not because I didn’t enjoy it, but it was just many things: intense, scary, but also pretty fun. At first, I wasn’t very confident because I’m not a very powerful wizard, and I haven’t learned much magic yet. I was really surprised when I killed some enemies (with a little help from my friends, of course), which definitely made me feel better about my developing magic skills. So far, the Acid Splash spell is my most common spell, but I like the ear-piercing scream spell too.

The thought of having such power is alluring, but I can’t let it get to my head. I know that magic can be used for good (such as healing and protection), but with any kind of power, it can corrupt the user as well. I’m actually kind of scared that I’ll get too powerful for my own good, then who will be able to stop me? I shouldn’t think like that, but it could very well be a possibility.

Well, enough about me. My new companions and I make a wonderful group, and we just seem to fit together perfectly. We each have our skills (Hrolf’s strength, Thoril’s archery, Jader’s stealth, and Samuel’s… charisma). I think Samuel might be trying to impress me, and he sure is charming.

But that’s for a different journal.

Thoril's Journal

This is the first time I have been outside of either town of the forests I know so well. I admit that I am… anxious. I was relieved to know that I would be with an old friend of mine, Samuel. I was also overjoyed to be reunited with my runaway brother, Jader, though we both showed the traditional half-elven aloofness that was expected of us. There were two new people sent to help us with our job, the wizard Xanadu and the barbarian, Hrolf. I wasn’t sure what to make of either of them, so I stayed quiet for the most part.

The trip through the dungeon was shaking, but not unlike what I expected. My biggest embarrassment came when we were fighting a group of skeletons. For the first time in ages, I had no idea what to do! My arrows rattled between their bones, and even if they had hit, there was no flesh to pierce. It felt like fighting a rock. Perhaps I should learn potioncraft from Xanadu. At least enough to mix an acid of some kind for the tips of my arrows, she is exceptionally gifted with acid.

Regardless, the most terrifying fight of all was against the dragon, Black-Fang. The dragon itself was terrifying, but what frightened me most was seeing my brother go down from a mighty slap of the dragon’s barbed tail. I managed to resuscitate him, but I cannot get over my feeling of guilt since it was my suggestion for Jader to flank the dragon. Jader is all right now, thankfully, and no one has made mention of the faulty plan. Perhaps I should gather more supplies when we get into town. You can never be over-prepared, my grandfather would tell me. In any case, Xanadu forced the dragon to flee and we picked ourselves up. For all of my concern with traveling with strangers, these two proved their worth. The dragon would surely have eaten us had it not been for Xanadu, and the goblins probably would have easily overwhelmed us had it not been for Hrolf’s wild melee fighting. I think I feel safer with them around, which is unusual for me, since I prefer hunting alone.

Jader's Journal

As we explored our first dungeon, we experienced many trials but none greater than facing a mighty dragon! Both Hrolf and I fought bravely but fell during combat. Xanadu cast spells in order to weaken it. In the end it took a slash from Samuel’s mighty dragonsbane sword that forced it to retreat. Had it not been for my brother Thoril I might have bled to death. We survived our first quest but something in the retreating dragon’s gaze told us that this was only the beginning. (I was later told that it was in fact Xanadu’s acid splash that forced it to flee)

Samuel seems to like correcting others, I find this irritating; as a childhood friend I’ll overlook this for now (I get the feeling he’s trying to impress Xanadu) Hrolf is very powerful so that is an asset; he is also greedy but I can’t really fault him for that. He is also quite simpleminded. Xanadu was the most effective with her attacks, as a young wizard it excites me to know that she’ll only get better as time goes by. My dear younger brother wasn’t nearly as effective with his bow as I thought he would be but his survival skills came through when needed, he kept me from dying and for that I’m grateful.

Samuel's Journal
Strange Kinships

When I was young, my best friends were Jader and Thoril BearCharger. Today, our boyhood games of imagined war and high adventure became a reality. I was thrilled to find that the bonds we had forged through games, humor and Jader’s youthful pranks translated excellently to the battlefield. Jader’s headstrong will, however, got him into a bit too much trouble, leading to two losses of consciousness. Thankfully, I had a wand of healing. It would seem my destiny to get him out of trouble. Thoril proved trusty as ever, though, how shall I put this…exceedingly cautious.

More interestingly, our new companions, Xanadu and Hrolf, fit miraculously well into our group. I would never have thought myself one to befriend a barbarian, but Hrolf seems different from the stories I’ve heard. His natural power and ability with an axe (indeed he wielded it such that seemed not to be a weapon, but an extension of his arm) left our Gobilin enemies in crumbled, bloody heaps (those whose bodies remained whole). And Xanadu, a lithe, sarcastic Elf, proved the hero of the day. Her mind is as sharp as her eye. Our foes, including skeletons and a reefclaw (I was no help in either battle), fell, albeit gradually, to her magical proficiency.

The dungeon we explored was a thing of curious beauty. Well, the dungeon was murky and smelled of rot, but the things we found WITHIN the dungeon, now they were sights to see. A gleaming obelisk, a shimmering fountain and even the throne of the Goblin King Fatmouth (until Hrolf’s…enthusiasm reduced it to crumbs) drew my gaze until either Hrolf knocked me into a wall while barreling past me, or a hearty shout from the half-elf brothers shook me to reality. And once, Xanadu smacked me in the back of the head to tear my gaze away from the fountain. But the smile she wore after seemed not harsh, but…well, it’s not for discussion here.

As a humble servant of Shelyn, however, I must be honest. Though we found Banughast, a sword of dragonsbane, and I asked to wield it…I dropped it. While fighting a black dragon. Between eyerolls and poorly-disguised remarks, Xanadu shot Acid Splash after Acid Splash at the beast, singing its wings and burning its skin. While Hrolf alternated between hiding and dropping his own weapon, Jader fought gallantly, but he soon fell unconscious. Thoril loosed a few arrows, but fear seemed to overtake him, as most of his shots fell short (or just fell). I concede the credit to our victory to Xanadu. I must now turn my eyes back to my companions, as the aroma of the brothers’ stew dances in the air around me. I sense more adventures on the horizon. I hope for new and stronger friendships to be found under the reddening sun as well. I like these new friends.

I need to clean my shield.

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