The Broken Road

Jader's Journal

As we explored our first dungeon, we experienced many trials but none greater than facing a mighty dragon! Both Hrolf and I fought bravely but fell during combat. Xanadu cast spells in order to weaken it. In the end it took a slash from Samuel’s mighty dragonsbane sword that forced it to retreat. Had it not been for my brother Thoril I might have bled to death. We survived our first quest but something in the retreating dragon’s gaze told us that this was only the beginning. (I was later told that it was in fact Xanadu’s acid splash that forced it to flee)

Samuel seems to like correcting others, I find this irritating; as a childhood friend I’ll overlook this for now (I get the feeling he’s trying to impress Xanadu) Hrolf is very powerful so that is an asset; he is also greedy but I can’t really fault him for that. He is also quite simpleminded. Xanadu was the most effective with her attacks, as a young wizard it excites me to know that she’ll only get better as time goes by. My dear younger brother wasn’t nearly as effective with his bow as I thought he would be but his survival skills came through when needed, he kept me from dying and for that I’m grateful.



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