The Broken Road

Thoril's Journal

This is the first time I have been outside of either town of the forests I know so well. I admit that I am… anxious. I was relieved to know that I would be with an old friend of mine, Samuel. I was also overjoyed to be reunited with my runaway brother, Jader, though we both showed the traditional half-elven aloofness that was expected of us. There were two new people sent to help us with our job, the wizard Xanadu and the barbarian, Hrolf. I wasn’t sure what to make of either of them, so I stayed quiet for the most part.

The trip through the dungeon was shaking, but not unlike what I expected. My biggest embarrassment came when we were fighting a group of skeletons. For the first time in ages, I had no idea what to do! My arrows rattled between their bones, and even if they had hit, there was no flesh to pierce. It felt like fighting a rock. Perhaps I should learn potioncraft from Xanadu. At least enough to mix an acid of some kind for the tips of my arrows, she is exceptionally gifted with acid.

Regardless, the most terrifying fight of all was against the dragon, Black-Fang. The dragon itself was terrifying, but what frightened me most was seeing my brother go down from a mighty slap of the dragon’s barbed tail. I managed to resuscitate him, but I cannot get over my feeling of guilt since it was my suggestion for Jader to flank the dragon. Jader is all right now, thankfully, and no one has made mention of the faulty plan. Perhaps I should gather more supplies when we get into town. You can never be over-prepared, my grandfather would tell me. In any case, Xanadu forced the dragon to flee and we picked ourselves up. For all of my concern with traveling with strangers, these two proved their worth. The dragon would surely have eaten us had it not been for Xanadu, and the goblins probably would have easily overwhelmed us had it not been for Hrolf’s wild melee fighting. I think I feel safer with them around, which is unusual for me, since I prefer hunting alone.



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