Divine Matters

Here are some of the gods from the book that could be worth considering.

Abadar – Lawful Neutral – God of Cities, Commerce and Trade
Cayden Cailen – Chaotic Good – God of Brawling, Wine and Freedom
Desna – Chaotic Good – Goddess of Wanderers, Lady of Dreams, Mistress Luck
Erastil – Lawful Good – God of Hunting, Farming, Family
Iomedae – Lawful Good – Goddess of Valor, Justice, Honor
Sarenrae – Neutral Good – Goddess of Healing, Redemption, the Sun
Shelyn – Neutral Good – Goddess of Art, Beauty, Love

Original Gods from other campaigns.

Nomus – Lawful Neutral – God of the Forge, Mathematics, Reason [Think Greek, Hephaestus]
Linneus – True Good – The Shephard, God of Farming, Civilization, Harvest

Three Goddesses:
Agrias – Lawful Good – Might
Celes – Chaotic Good – Valor
Mune – Lawful Neutral – Knowledge

The Nameless God – Lawful Good – Heavily based on Judeo-Christian ethos.

Paladine – Lawful Good – Justice, Valor, Chivalry, Protection – The Platinum Dragon

Divine Matters

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